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Modern Day Hero 7/?

Chapter Seven: How To Uncover A Much Bigger Scheme
Fandom: Johnny's Entertainment
Pairing(s): None; some implications, but only if you look REALLY hard.
Rating: Pg; violence, language.
Disclaimer: I am not liable for any of the persons mentioned. Only this derranged storyplot of superhero-ism and secret society's belong to me.
Author's Note: Uhh, I had a disscussion with my sisters about something which eventually lead to an explosion of ideas. After that wonderous brainspill of ideas, I present you with this chapter.

Summary: What's a superhero story without it's twists and turns? Nino recieves his plot twist at full blast. His little game of superhero has slowly been chipped away by a simple explanation.


The signal is getting weaker,” A voice carried over the quick running of fingertips on a keyboard, “It's been more than a few days since the three of them even charged their communication system. Damn it.”

Track it back.” Another voice said, “I have a hunch about where those three are.”

Tracing back the signal movement. The transmission is dying out, something's blocking.” The movement of fingertips on the keyboard ran with greater speed. “I'm going to amplify the the transmission. Permission to access the optimum energy?”

Granted. Permission to locate the faint signal?”

Granted. Almost at optimum energy,” the computer screen opened to various codes and numbers. “Perfect. We'll tap into their location now.”

Code needed? Easy.” The fingertips filled silence of the room,”Alright. Optimum energy reached. Now, we began work.”


IP982. Asking for codec.”

Granted. IET086365.”

Followed up by KK39.”

Then add on V620CCC.”

T5. With 5LDK09.”

Set and found.” The tapping of fingertips slowed to a complete halt. “They're in the Tokyo district. Some club. Judging from the readings on the screen, they're not the only ones there. The brighter lights indicate there are more members there. Damn it.”

Dispatch the others. We've got a rescue to undergo.”

The man nodded at his other half. He dialed a number that reached eight other members, “We've found the three of them. Hostage situation. Their readings on the screen suggest they are knocked out. However, that's not what's surprising. What's surprising is there are more members there than just the three of them. Something's totally off. I count at least eight members of the groups we've been protecting to be at that same area. Readings on the screen are indicating high level of stress and adrenaline. Something's going to go down, whoever's the closest should go. We'll shut down on this end and meet you there. This is something that's going to need all of us.”

Over and out.”

+ + +

With Nino's order in mind, Aiba attempted to pick up Coming Century and get them out … except there was one problem. Everyone knows that Coming Century has three members. Aiba was one person. To get the three members of Coming Century out, that would mean that Aiba would have to carry three people … except, “I have super speed not super strength. “

As Aiba tried to figure out how lift his three sleeping senpais, Ohno and Nino prepared to take down the goons who were now blocking their way. Ohno looked left and right, they were in a tight position. Small hallway, but there containment cells on either side. What strategy could they do? Ohno tried to think of something, but Nino rushed ahead and threw himself at the goons. Nino flew over and Ohno went under. Ohno's kick swept under knocked the goons down.

The first wave of goons dropped, but a second wave erupted. Ohno bit his lip and flash bang grenades down the stairwell were the goons were coming from. These flash bang grenades were similar to the ones used by military and police forces. These release a blinding flash and a loud concussive bang with minimal explosive force. That stopped the next wave of goons from running forward.

Nice one,” Nino looked back at Ohno and gave him a thumbs up. As he looked back, he noticed that Aiba was still there along with their knocked out senpais, “Aiba! What the hell are you doing? I told you to get them out.”

I would, except I don't have super strength. Duh!” Aiba said as he struggle to hold up Go Morita and Ken Miyake while trying to figure out how to carry Junichi Okada. “This is harder than it looks, you know.”

Here,” Nino took Go Morita from Aiba, “I'll carry one. You carry one. Ohno, get Okada.”

Got it.” Ohno carried Okada, “We've got to go down the stairwell and through the front.”

I'm suspecting that there are more than just Kamisen here. Ohno, you told Jun and Sho to get out, right?”

I did, I hope they got out.” Ohno muttered as they walked down the stairwell. He couldn't decide whether it was a good thing to be carrying around their senpais at the moment. If something were to jump up and attack them, they may hurt Coming Century by throwing them aside. It was something he wasn't entirely sure about nor would be sure about either way. “Whatever, if they're still down there, we'll end up meeting them there, right?”


Shit.” Jun Matsumoto felt his fear run up his throat as the guards overheard what he and Sho Sakurai were talking about. The guards where making their way to the two of them. Jun and Sho shuffled off their costumes. Their cover had been blown already, so there was no point in remaining as females. “We've got to move it.”

Jun and Sho were attempting to run but one of the guards had fired a gun towards them. A yelp escaped Sho as they hid under the table. “What are we going to do?” Sho's voice was quaking with fear as another shot had been fired at them, “We can't fight them.”

Who said we were fighting them?” Jun's eyes scanned the area surrounding them. There was nothing that they could really use to fight the guards coming down, “We've got to run.”

Where? How?” A guard stuck his head under the table where the two of them had been hiding. Jun kicked at the guard. His foot made contact with the guy's face. The guard fell backwards in surprise. “I thought you said we weren't fighting them,” Sho kicked at another guard, “What are we doing?”

Staying alive, duh.” Jun kicked again, and dragged Sho out from under the table. He ran towards the bar and hid behind it. “How do we get out of here?”

Is that Ohno?” Sho looked over the bar where the three other members of Arashi were walking down the stairwell and onto the stage. “Is that Kamisen?”

What?” Jun looked up. Ohno saw them and motioned for Aiba to take Coming Century to where Jun and Sho were hiding out. Jun blinked. A whip of wind rushed past Jun. Ken Miyake popped up beside Jun. A blink. Wind. Junichi Okada was there too. Another blink. Wind. Go Morita.

Sho diverted his eyes from center stage and back to where Jun was. “Wait? How did they get there?”

Aiba. He's got super speed, remember?”

All eyes where on center stage. Aiba, Nino and Ohno all had their backs against each other. Nino had three shooting stars in his hands ready to throw the weapons at any given moment. Ohno held the flash grenades ready to throw them at any moment. Aiba stood with a smirk as more and more guards started filling the room. “I haven't had fun all night. Can I take them? Can I please take them?”

Shut up, Kaze.” Nino gritted his teeth as he uttered the last words, “We should plan something before we ...” Aiba ran around the guards. Aiba ran in a circular path around the guards repeatedly. The more he ran, the stronger the circle's wind. The guards flew in the air and fell. “Or you could ignore me again.”

Aiba smiled a super idol smile, “Easy. Very easy.”

The syllables barely escaped Aiba when more guards filled in the center stage. Now, the three superheroes where surrounded by guards. Ohno threw his flash grenades and Nino followed with his shooting stars. The more they took out, the more guards came forward. Whatever this organization was planning to do, they weren't about to let Arashi destroy their plan.

Wow,” Sho slid down the side of the bar and sat down beside Jun, “They really are superheroes . It's pretty amazing. I can't believe it.”

Yeah, yeah. Stay in your awe, but you do know they're losing.” Jun growled, “And we can't even help them. The two of us can't do anything.”

A groan escaped Junichi Okada. His eyes fluttered opened, “Ow, where am I?”

Okada-kun?” Sho helped Okada sit up as the rest of Coming Century awoke. “Are you guys okay?”

Been better,” Go Morita muttered, “Been much better.”

Ken Miyake moaned. He leaned his head backwards and let out a groan. “My head hurts. Where are we? Last I remember we were in Go-kun's car headed towards where Koichi told us to go.”

So,” Okada asked again, “Where are we?”

Jun took a deep breath before he explained everything to their senpai. “... and that's why we're hiding here.”

Go looked up, “Now, explain to me why Ohmiya SK and that guy dressed in a unitard are fighting the guards. Wait, stop. Are those guys your Arashi members?”

Uhh … whatever are you talking about Morita-senpai?” Sho blinked Go's question aside. “We should get out of here and now. That's what what we're currently attempting to do.”

No,” Okada looked over, “That's Nino, Ohno and Aiba. Height, weight and voices are exactly as those three. Are you sure we should leave them alone?”

Jun bit his lip. He looked at the exit then back at where Arashi's three superheroes were fighting. “Even if we stayed here, how would we be able to help them out?”

Don't worry,” Ken smiled, “Back-up's coming soon.”


Go rolled his eyes, “Back-up's going to come soon, Don't worry about it. I don't know how long it's going to take, but we've got to help fight those guards.”

What?” Sho raised an eyebrow, “You don't mean, we're going to get out of hiding and waltz over to where the violence is and fight? How can we do that? We're not trained for this.”

You might not be,” Go looked at Sho and smirked. He hopped over the bar table, “But we are.”

Coming Century jumped over the bar table and made their way to the guards. Sho tilted his head, “What do they mean 'they're trained'? Kamisen's trained for fighting?”

Okada ran towards a guard but the guard had been wielding a piece of a broken table. The guard lunged in a forward attack towards Okada. He threw his head back, tucked his legs up and held onto them as he somersaulted backward. He bent his knees and landed with equal footing. Before his opponent could attack again, Okada hyperextended his leg and kicked the guard's knees. The guard toppled over and Okada moved on to another guard.

Go had been taking care for some of the guards when one of the goons put him in a chokehold. Go turned his head into the crook of his attacker's elbow. He was given a few momentary seconds to catch his breath and managed to avoid getting his windpipe crushed. He quickly gripped his attacker's arm and began pulling it down. He ducked under his attacker's armpit and pinned his arm behind. Then, he kicked the man forward into the group of goons. He jumped forward and prepared to take down the next wave.

Ken kept his distance from the guard in front of him. This one was armed with a stinging bullwhip, probably used for some unnecessary practice of masochism or something of the sort. The distance between them was a rough eight to ten feet. He knew he would have to sacrifice his forearm to win this fight. He allowed the guard to ensnare his forearm with the bullwhip. After the whip coiled itself around Ken's arm, he yanked it towards him and found himself a new weapon to fight with. The quick yank sent the guard flying head first towards Ken, who simply just roundhouse kicked the guard down.

Go made his way towards Nino, “We figured the members of Arashi needed our help.”

What are you talking about, sir?” Nino was ready to freak out. How come some many people knew about his secret identity so quickly? This was the umpteenth person to discover that Miya K was really Kazunari Ninomiya in a matter of days. “I suggest you move to the side where it is safe. As you can see, we are in the middle of a very important fight against the massive waves of goons.”

Cut the crap, Ninomiya.” Go's voice dropped to a lower tone, “Don't try to pull it off like I can't figure out who you are. I knew about your little superhero escapade the moment you started … that's not the important thing right now. Right now, I need you to follow me up there,” - Go pointed to a glass room above the center of the club - “That's where the head honcho of this is. We've got to take them down.”

First of all,” Nino kicked at a goon lunging behind Go, “I don't think it's safe for a civilian to be headed that way. Two, I'm the hero. Not you. Three, I don't understand why we need to go back up there when we worked so hard to get back down here. And four, since when could you and the rest of Coming Century fight like this?”

I'm so glad you can count, Ninomiya.” Go's voice was laced with sarcasm as he jumped over Nino's shoulder and roundhouse kicked another goon, “But let me tell you something, J-Friends wasn't simply just created for charity work and a nice deduction of tax payer dollars.”


Follow me up there,” Go pointed back to the glass room, “I'll explain on the way up. Ken and Okada will help out Ohno and Aiba with the waves of goons down here. You and I will go for the big guy. I would go by myself, but my weapons aren't with me. They must have taken them when they took the three of us.”

Wait! Hold up, STOP!” Nino crossed his arms in front of Go, “You have got to be kidding me. Is this some sort of plot twist that I didn't hear about? J-Friends? What?”

First, duck.” Go swept his leg over Nino as he ducked. The attacker fell, knocked out. “Second, just follow me.”

Nino shrugged and followed his senpai back up the staircase. He motioned to Ohno and Aiba that he would be back in just a little while even though he wasn't quite sure what was going to happen. The staircase had a lot of stains from the flash grenades that Ohno had thrown, not to mention a lot of marks and scratches from Aiba's super speed. “I guess, we're not going to be movers anytime soon.”

Shh,” Go put his index finger to his lips as he walked up the stairs slowly. His footsteps were much lighter than Nino's which could be heard at each step. He stopped at the top stair and peered down the right corridor, then down the left corridor. He motioned for Nino to follow him down to the left corridor. “The blueprint of this place shows a secret passage down the containment cells.”

Stop,” Nino did as the word he spoke, “First explain to me why you seem more like a superhero than I am at the moment. This was supposed to be my gig, not yours or Kamisen for that matter. So, why do you know fighting techniques and typical bad guy patterns?”

I told you, J-Friends wasn't just for charity.”

So what was it for?”

If I told you, I'd have to kill you.” Go smirked as fear grew in Nino's eyes, “Well, not really. We were going to let you have your superhero gig but when you uncovered Midight Johnny's, we had to step in.”

So, J-Friends knew about my nightly escapades.”

Knew about it? We made sure you didn't get killed. Don't tell me you didn't notice that half of the baddies you were fighting never called for more back-up?” Go pulled Nino into the shadows of one of the nearby containment cells as a guard walked by. His voice dropped to a whisper. “Do you have any idea how many missions we had to drop to make sure you and your little superhero troupe could run around as is?”

What? So I wasn't fighting things off on my own?”

Well, you were. Okada, Ken and I got assigned to trail you. We switched it so every night one of us would trail you and make sure nothing happened. You're lucky Okada spotted you jumped from roof-top to roof-top dressed in your sparkles.” Go stopped in front of the door to the glass room. He kicked down the door and entered. Nino followed. A gunman had been there to greet them. Go quickly disarmed the man and tucked the gun away just in case. He sat at the computer system that was used for this organization, “You're lucky J-Friends figured out your movement. Well, Koichi had mentioned that you were running around at night more so than not, so we were already curious towards your whereabouts at night.”

Nino looked at Go dumbfounded. He watched as his senior's fingers ran through the keyboard touching every button in home row and out of it. It was amazing. He also noted that Go did not blink the whole time, “So, what is J-Friends exactly?”

J-Friends is something that Johnny created to make sure that his entertainment empire never gets shut down, ever.” Go smirked as he hit the enter key.

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