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Storm 1/?

Score 001: Connections
Fandom: Arashi with possible mentions of others later on.
Pairing(s): None. There are some implications of Matsumiya.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I have no ownership of anything really except what I have receipts for … which isn't much, really.
Author's Note: This, by the way, is loosely based on Durarara!! Very, very loosely based. Some concepts have been adapted, but then most of it is changed. So, yeah … forgive me? xDD
Summary:  Welcome to Shinjuku. Within the streets of Shinjuku, there are some very interesting people: a fashionista who hears those things unheard, a university student with thunderous power, a fisherman wishing for clear skies, a boy who watches the winds of change – every person living in Shinjuku has their own story; every person is connected to one another without even realizing it. Each of these characters have their own stories and agendas, but with the introduction of Kazunari Ninomiya, the city is brimming with new dangers.

<Maiga has entered the chat room>
[Haikei has entered the chat room]
{Hana has entered the chat room}
<<Tokujo has entered the chat room>>
[[Maou has entered the chat room]]

[Did you guys hear about the fight in the middle of Shinjuku?]
<I was passing by when it happened.>
<<It's been awhile since Matsujun's been riled up like that.>>
<<I wonder what could have sparked it.>>
[Not what, who.]
{They say it was an … old acquaintance.}
{Though, I highly doubt it.}
[[Something must have happened.]]
[[Ne, Hana-san, do you know anything about it?]]
[[Or have you heard anything recently?]]
[Hana-san's quite knowledgeable about these sort things, huh?]
{Only what the rumors permit me to know.}
{But the person Matsujun was trying to kill in that brawl …}
{It's best if you stay away from him.}
{I've heard all sorts of rumors about him.}
{None of them are good.}
{He's got bad manners too.}
<<Do you know of his identity?>>
{Kazunari Ninomiya.}
{He goes by the nickname, 'Nino'.}
{As for the reason why he resurfaced in Shinjuku, I'm not sure really.}
[Business perhaps?]
{Not sure.}
{Just make sure to steer clear of him.}
{He's dangerous.}


A smiled placed itself on the lips of Kazunari Ninomiya as he stationed himself on the pure, white couch in the perfectly ordered living room. The lingering scent of freshly brewed coffee mixed with a soft hint of fresh vanilla murmured past him and snuggled against his skin. The aroma fastened itself in his damp hair – the scent was sure to stick around even after he left the building. He quickly fastened the buttons of the slightly large shirt he was currently wearing.

“Hmm, he should be here by now,” Nino mumbled to himself. He walked over to the mantle and picked up a picture frame. His fingers nimbly ran over the smiling face, “Hasn't changed, has he? He's still such a girl.”

The sound of the front door unlocking made the faint smile Nino wore vanish into a smirk. He quickly returned the frame back on the mantle and restationed himself onto the couch. He propped his elbow on the armrest, the rested his cheek on the his hand. His eyes twinkled with excitement as he heard the footsteps of the apartment's owner approaching.

“What the hell are you doing in my clothes on my couch in my house? How did you even get here before me?” Nino smiled at the fury of Jun Matsumoto's voice. Only a mere thirty minutes had passed since Nino gave Jun the slip during their game of 'Chase' around the city. A touching reunion that broke out into a full death-match; every time they crossed paths that would be the only result. “Nino, get out.”

“Tsk, tsk. What happened to your manners, Jun-chan?” Nino smiled even wider. He knew the younger man agitated and he loved every bit of it. “You should be nicer to your guests. After all, I came all the way to see you, Jun-chan.”

“I don't care,” Jun's eyes formed a glare at the older man. He opened a few cupboards to located where he had placed the first aid kit. Nino's eyes traced the superficial cuts he had given Jun during the latest installment of their game; Nino had always admired the younger man's ability to quickly heal after receiving multiple cuts. His ears perked up when he heard Jun make a soft hissing noise when the disinfectant made contact with his skin. Jun glared at Nino once more, “The only reason why I haven't strangled you yet is because you're not worth the damage that could happen to my apartment.”

“Right, Jun-chan.” Nino fiddled with the sleeves of the shirt he was wearing. “Are you still angry about that?”

“And why wouldn't I be?” Jun wrapped a bandage around his left arm. He pulled it tightly then hissed at the pain once more. “You stole something irreplaceable from me. I'll never get it back, ever. How can I not still be angry about that?”

“It was so long ago,” Nino laughed. “Quit being such a girl about it.”

Nino may have seemed nonchalant about the situation, but he knew better. He knew Jun had all the right to be angry with him; he knew Jun had the right to want to kill him. It was obvious that Jun had many rights to induce pain onto Nino … after all, Nino did steal something of major importance from the younger man. Nino robbed him of something that could only be taken once; Nino took the most precious thing that Jun ever had. That alone could justify why Jun will continue to attempt to kill him, but Nino knew better. Nino always made sure that he was once step ahead. He did, after all, enjoy having the younger man continue to chase after him. It was a thrilling game.

“You really never forget the first time, do you?” Nino shot Jun a devious smile.

Jun chucked the bottle of disinfectant at the shorter man. Nino quickly caught it. Jun's eyes burned into a glare, “Why   haven't you left yet?”

“I have a favor to ask of you.”

“That's rich,” Jun slammed the first aid kit shut. “Get your kicks somewhere else. I'm not interested.”

“If I wanted to do that, we'd be on your bed already,” Nino's eyes flickered with mischief. He laughed at the sound of irritation that escaped Jun. “But that's not what I'm here for. I need your help with something.”

“Not interested.” Jun returned the first aid kit back to the cupboard he acquired it from. He procured a wine glass from the cabinet and retrieved a nice bottle of wine. He poured himself a nice helping without offering any to Nino. “Get out, already.”

“Jun-chan, we both know that when it comes to information, you're the 'go-to-guy'. Secretive, but effective; no one knows your face, but your name gets dropped in my line of work all the time.” Nino's eyes never left the younger man. He was intently focused on Jun. “And I need your help as of recent.”

“Once more, not interested. So, you can leave now.”

“I'm trying to uncover the leaders of the Elemental gangs.”

Jun froze upon hearing Nino's goal. A mystery of Shinjuku that remains unsolved. Jun had attempted to figure out those identities, but never managed to. In the middle of his search, the Elemental gangs went silent and off the radar.

“I want to solve Shinjuku's greatest mystery. I want to find the Thunder, the Rain and the Wind's leaders,” Nino announced to Jun. He wanted to do that, but there was much more to his agenda than simply figuring out who the leaders were. He wanted to cause a war; he wanted to cause a storm. He wanted to make the Thunder roar its monstrous voice, the Rain pour its torrential waters and the Wind to thrash in rage – he wanted to make the streets of Shinjuku a battlefield. “I can't do it without you, Jun. So, can you help?”

“Uncover their identities, huh?”


<…the Elemental gangs?>
[Know anything?]
[Anything about them at all?]
<<They were pretty prominent a few years back.>>
<<Fights broke out all the time.>>
<<Territory wars, mostly.>>
<<Hidden fights; most of them were never arrested or anything.>>
[[It was pretty bad.]]
[[You couldn't walk around at night or you'd be jumped.]]
[[I mostly closed myself off from the world as soon as it hit 7.]]
<<The police couldn't do anything about it either.>>
<<They couldn't identify them.>>
<But then, they all went quiet.>
<Or at least their leaders did.>
<When that happened, everything settled.>
[[Even though the leaders went silent, there are still some people who claim to be part of the groups.]]
[[You can see them walking on the streets.]]
[So, who were the leaders though?]
<<The public never knew.>>
<<I suspect that the Elemental gangs themselves knew.>>
<<But the public was never aware of these things.>>
<Hana-san, since you know a lot of things, do you know anything?>
{I'm as clueless as you guys are.}
{But I have heard a few rumors here and there.}
[Tell us.]
{They're pretty vague though.}
{But since you want to know, I guess I can let you in on them.}
{The leader of the Rain is said to be living a retired lifestyle.}
[[Like fishing and stuff?]]
{Something like that.}
{He moves slow but when needed he can move swiftly.}
{The leader of the Thunder has two piercings.}
{He's said to be silent most of the time, but once he roars, you should stay away.}
{Now, the leader of the Wind.}
{He's interesting.}
{He's got a mark on his shoulder.}
{Apparently, he's still currently active.}
{He's still doing things here and there.}
{What they are, I'm not sure.}
[And the Thunder? The Rain?]
{The Thunder's been off the radar.}
{The Rain, however, is said to be starting up again.}
{When the Rain comes, there's no escaping it.}


Satoshi Ohno leaned against the brick wall of 'Friday Faraways'. A cigarette dangled between his fingers. The cigarette's smoke circled the air around him before taking flight to the skies above. He frowned. He was supposed to be in the club, dancing and having a good time … but here he was, outside listening to the pleas being presented in front of him.

“We need you to come back,” the pleas were all the same to Ohno. He'd heard them before. “We need to come back and guide us. We're lo--”

“I've given up on that life already,” Ohno said. He threw the cigarette on the ground. He crushed it with his foot until its flame flickered into silence. “I'm not coming back.”

“But ...” They didn't need to say anymore. Their eyes spoke volumes and Ohno could hear every syllable. He knew that they needed him, but he couldn't return. He didn't want to return … not to that darkness again.

“Sorry, but you'll have to do without me,” Ohno walked past the group. He stopped for a moment and let his eyes fly to the sky. His gaze lingered there, “Once you see those clear skies, you'll see that there's more to life than being shielded by the Rain; you guys just need to experience the beauty of when the Rain clears and the skies smile at you. It would do you some good.”

Ohno left the group behind the 'Friday Faraways' club. Even though he firmly said he wasn't going to return, he knew they were going to come back to try and persuade him. Rain doesn't pour with just one droplet; if they were going to convince him, all of the rain drops were going to wash up against him. His footsteps were light as he headed towards the pier. He stopped and looked up at the skies again – they were still clear.

“I won't fall into that darkness,” Ohno spoke softly as if he were convincing himself, “I won't let it pull me back … at least not yet.”

As much as he enjoyed the life he lived without being drenched in the Rain, he knew he couldn't avoid it. Those clear skies he was currently enjoying where slowly being engulfed by dark clouds. It would only be a little while longer until the Rain starts to fall again.


[What about the Thunder?]
<They were probably the scariest, in my opinion.>
<I mean, the Rain was scary.>
<But the Thunder was scary on a different level.>
<<The Rain's strength and the Thunder's strength are on two different levels.>>
<<That might explain why they were always fighting.>>
[[Short tempered.]]
[[The Thunder was always the first to start a fight with the other Elemental gangs.]]
<For no reason sometimes!>
<Once, I heard they fought using umbrellas!>
[So, their leader's like that?]
<< … who knows?>>
{When the Thunder roars, you can feel its danger approaching.}
{The Thunder's been the most silent.}
{I never liked it.}
{The silence from a group as loud as the Thunder, anyways.}
{I'm sure they're doing something else at the moment.}
{When they return, you'd best avoid them.}


Sho Sakurai let out a soft sigh as he exited his car. His eyes were disconnected from the world around him; his mind was in a different place, a different setting. He walked a few steps away from his car before pressing the alarm in his hand. The car locked and he pushed the alarm into his pocket.

It was clear and apparent that Sho didn't blend in with his surroundings. He was in a cleanly pressed suit. His current surrounding was an abandoned warehouse; the area was in a state of desolate silence. A few shady gentlemen stood by where Sho walked to. Their eyes instantly glared at the man who didn't fit in with their setting – “Who do you think you are? Rich boys like you don't belong here! We'll teach you a lesson, punk!”

The threats fell on deaf ears. Sho continued shuffling past them, his eyes still in a state of disconnection with the world. He didn't get very far; an arm grabbed him. Sho stopped and slowly turned around to face the group, “Those who are ignorant of their superiors shouldn't make assumptions.”

“Ah, Sakurai-sama,” a voice from the warehouse called out. The figure came closer, “Unhand him. Don't you groundlings even know who he is?”

A wave of realization as to whom they had apprehended swept over them. They stared at the man they threatened in pure shock. They quickly bowed and spewed their apologies. Sho waved them off and bid their leave.

“Sorry to call you out like this.”

“Forget it,” Sho followed the man into the warehouse, “It's been awhile since I've been here anyways.”

When they entered the warehouse, those who were inside froze in their positions and quickly bowed. Sho walked past them and made his way to the raised platform where his seat remained untouched. As he stood in front of the seat, the audience watched in anticipation. When he sat down, a monstrous cheer shuffled through the warehouse. Sho raised his hand to silence the cheer, “I returned because you had said something was happening and I needed to be aware of this. You claimed it important, but I will be the judge of that. Explain yourselves.”

“The Rain's leader has returned!”

Sho's eyes reconnected with the world around him when he heard that statement. The Rain's leader was returning? A swell of excitement filled him – the Rain was rebuilding again despite the unsaid truce amongst the groups? Was this the start of their wars again? Was this the catalyst needed to bring Sho out of his blissful domestic life? Perhaps, perhaps.

“That's not all! The Wind's numbers have dramatically increased.”

“When we dropped off the radar along with the Rain, the Wind never stopped getting numbers.”

“Their numbers are rumored to be in the hundred-thousands now.”

Sho stood up, silence spread. He looked at those in the warehouse. His eyes moved swiftly past the members. He knew each of them; he knew of their convictions, their pains, their desires – he knew what they wanted to do right now. “We'll gather information first. Find what you can about the movements of the Wind and the Rain. Don't do anything else. Just gather information. Once we have acquired enough information, I will tell you the next command.”


[… and the Wind?]
{Now, that's an interesting subject.}
{No one knows what happened to him.}
{No one knows what kind of person he is.}
{The members themselves don't know who he is.}
<But I thought the leaders all knew each other.>
{The Thunder and the Rain might have, but nothing about the Wind.}
<<Motives were unknown as well>>
<<He was there, but he didn't have an agenda like the Thunder and the Rain.>>
[[But the Wind's numbers were off the charts.]]
[What do you mean?]
[[Exactly what it means.]]
[[There's so many members of the Wind.]]
[[There's just too many of them.]]
{The Wind's leader was just like the Wind.}
{Unseen, but everywhere at the same time.}
{Gentle but a raging fury.}
{Of all the leaders out there, I'm more scared of the Wind's leader.}
{But he really is unknown.}
<I wonder if anyone even knows him.>
{I doubt it.}
{From what I heard, the Wind's group is complicated.}
{There's no commanders or captains like in the Thunder or the Rain.}
{There's just members and one leader.}
{The leader controls the game.}
{But no one knows who he is.}
[Hana-san, did you do research on this before?]
{Oh no, just rumors again.}
[You seem to like these rumors a lot.]
<<That's Hana-san for you.>>
<<Always overseeing everything.>>


Masaki Aiba sat on the railing of the sidewalk. He swung his feet kicking the dirt beneath him as he checked his watch. A wave of excitement blew over him as he checked his watch. His eyes moved down the street, “It's almost time.”

As soon as the second hand ticked away its last movement, the streetlights began to flicker on one after the other. Aiba always enjoyed watching the street lamps turn on. It was a subtle happiness for him; a moment of pleasure from the rest of the difficulties that ushered through life. After watching the streetlights switch on, he nodded to signal that he was done watching the lights.

Aiba made his way into a grand apartment complex that spoke of self-importance. He'd been here many times, so he was familiar with the security guards at the front desk. He easily made it towards the elevator without being stopped. He pressed the heavily crafted buttons to ascend to the fifth floor. When the elevator let out a soft ding to signify that he had arrived at his destination, Aiba saw a curious sight – an unknown man wearing what appeared to be the clothing of a very fashionable Jun. The man smirked as he shuffled past Aiba and into the elevator. He nodded to Aiba as the elevator door shut slowly.

“Weird,” Aiba frowned. He couldn't figure out if what he just saw was exactly what he just saw. He knew that Jun never shared his clothes with anyone … yet that guy was wearing Jun's clothes. Was that real? He decided he would add that to the list of wonderful questions that he was going to forcefully ask Jun to answer whether he wanted to or not.

He quickly made his way over to Jun's door. His knuckles brushed against the door in his usual tune. Jun had asked him to stop knocking in the tune of 'Shave and a haircut' but Aiba liked that tune; he continued to do that even though it frustrated Jun. He whistled a song as he waited for the younger man to open the door. He had many questions to ask him – a curious Aiba was not one that should be kept waiting.

“Aiba-chan?” Jun opened the door slowly. Aiba instantly noticed the bandages and bruises that decorated Jun's body and frowned. He knew where they were from – the fight from earlier. Jun stepped aside to let the taller man come inside, “What's up?”

“Who was that guy? The one in the hallway wearing your clothes.” Aiba blurted out the first question that was on his mind as he kicked off his shoes. When he shoes were no longer hugging his feet, he placed himself on the sofa. He sat cross-legged and waited for Jun's answer. “I ran into him in the elevator. I was coming off of it and he was getting in.”

Jun's eyes, as far as Aiba was concerned, darkened at the mention of that guy. He sat down on the armchair next to Aiba and leaned back. “That was Kazunari Ninomiya – the guy I was trying to kill earlier.”

So, that was the guy that Jun was trying to castrate in the middle of the streets … but why was he in Jun's apartment? Better question, what was he doing leaving Jun's apartment in Jun's clothing? Aiba was curious but perhaps it wouldn't be smart to press the situation on further. Jun would get mad at him and Aiba didn't want to be the one running away from an angry Jun at the moment.

“If you're curious, and I know you are, he was asking me for a favor,” Jun closed his eyes. He sighed heavily, “He wanted my help with something.”

“But you're not going to, right?” Aiba pouted. He didn't want one of his best friends helping someone who fought with him. That would be dangerous. “Right? You said 'no', right?”

“I'm considering it.”

Aiba frowned. Why in the world would Jun be willing to help someone that he doesn't like? For all that he knew about Jun, and he knew quite a bit, he knew that if Jun didn't like you he would never help you. Jun was a straight-forward, easy to read type of guy even if he tried to cover it – if he didn't like you, you could tell that he didn't without him even saying it one bit. Aiba pouted, “But why?”

“ … we were old acquaintances.” Jun's eyes were disconnected from the world. It was almost as if he was watching a film reel of his memories flickering. “Originally, we were good friends. Really good friends, actually. Then, he stole something from me. Something precious; something that I can never get back no matter how much I want it back.”

The gears in Aiba's head clicked. They had turned fast enough that Aiba could easily make sense of why Jun would be willing to help someone that he hated. He snickered at the very thought of it – 'Matsujun sure has a sadistic sense of what love is, doesn't he?'. From the looks of it, Jun was probably not going to reveal anymore than that … he'd get Jun drunk later and get the full details from him.

“Why are you here anyway? Weren't you, Ohno and Sho going off to go drinking together?” Jun eyed the taller man with curiosity – Aiba never missed a chance to go out and have fun with others, it was his duty to make sure everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves.

“Yeah, I still am but I saw part of your fight earlier. I wanted to check up on you, that's all.” Aiba grinned, “Can't a guy check up on his friends without getting the heebie-jeebies?”

“I guess,” Jun shrugged. “Was the fight really that bad from your perspective?”

Aiba laughed. Then he stopped himself, then he laughed again. “You threw a stop sign at the guy, how is that not bad?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.”

“The stop sign itself was already pretty bad, but you know, you didn't have to uproot the streetlights and chuck them at him too.” Aiba crossed his arms at that. A stop sign was one thing, but the streetlights were another thing. Then Aiba paused for a moment, “Matsujun, I never knew that you could throw such heavy things.”

“It's adrenaline,” Jun pointed out, “Enough of it and you can do some pretty crazy things.”

“Is that all?”

“Well, I suppose … I have more than the average person would have?” Jun knew there was more to it than that. There was much more to his strange abilities when his adrenaline levels pump forward. Much, much more. “You know how adrenaline lets people do some crazy things? It's kind of like that. I can control it now, which is why I'm not tearing doors down when I open them or anything, but back then? Back then it was better if you didn't go near me.”

Jun frowned for a moment, but he quickly shook it away. “I guess, I owe Nino. It's sort of thanks to him that I can control it now – key words? Sort of. Maybe that's why I'll help him? As a sort of 'Thanks for trying to kill me by having random ass people jump me whenever there was an opening but in the end it helped learn control' gift? I don't know. Something like that.”

Aiba laughed. Jun was too complicated, much too complicated for Aiba's mind to wrap around. “Well, whatever works for you works for you, I guess?” Aiba knew there was something more than a simple 'Thank you' … or rather, that's what he would like to believe. With Jun, you couldn't be too sure about anything. “Well, I should be off now. Oh-chan and Sho-chan want to go drinking at 'Sunday Monday' tonight and you know how long those lines get, right? Mondo long!”

Jun laughed, “Right. I'll see you later then.”


<So, what about that Nino guy?>
<Is there anything else we should know about him?>
<Besides that we should stay away from him, that is.>
<<I'm also curious about that.>>
<<I've never really heard of him.>>
[Yes, do tell us anything you know about the guy.]
{Well, from what I've heard, he's a nasty guy to get involved with.}
{He's slick, manipulative and willing to do whatever he wants to someone.}
{Deviously sly.}
[[Sounds like an interesting guy.]]
{I suppose.}
{I heard that he steals precious things from people.}
{Things that can't be returned.}
{Even if you wanted it back, you'd never be able to get it back.}
[Like virginity?]
<<Besides that, what's he doing here?>>
{That, I'm not sure about really.}
{Last time I heard, he was busy dealing information with the Yazuka in Shibuya.}
{I'm not sure why he came over to Shinjuku, though.}
{I'll look into it.}
<Hmm, maybe he has a loved one?>
<<A life partner?>>
[[Best friend?]]
{Doubt it.}
{You never really hear about him having close friends.}
{Just swift business partners.}
[Ne, Hana-san, can I ask you a question?]
[Where do you get your information from?]
{I'm a well-read person so I get information when it gets out.}
{It's just a matter of figuring out what it would be relevant to.}
[Hmm, I see.]
<<He was probably as curious as we were.>>
[Ne, Hana-san, have you ever heard of the legend of the Storm?]


Nino was beyond pleased with himself when he entered his newly bought apartment. He took a look around and laughed. Everything was still packed up in boxes. It was completely the opposite of Jun's perfectly ordered apartment. He laughed as he remembered he was still sporting Jun's clothing. He walked to the only part of the apartment that was unpacked – the computer area. That was the only area of any real importance to him and his work.

“Let's see,” he turned on his computer, “Jun-chan should be in the middle of debating whether or not he'll help me right now. I'll give him a few more minutes to decide that before I make my move. He'll help me with this, whether he likes it or not.”

Nino looked at the chessboard sitting on one of his various desks. He smiled at the scattered chess, checkers and shogi pieces on the board. He picked up the queen piece and moved it in the center of the board. “Once I capture the queen, I'll be able to move anywhere on the board.” He spread the pieces across the board in various patterns and smiled, “The game is slowly beginning.”

The sound of a rushing siren caught his ears. He walked towards the window overlooking Shinjuku. The city below him was bustling with life – there was not a creature there that didn't spew the essence of life. A faint smirk grew on Nino as he watched the movement below.

“This city will be mine,” Nino pressed his hand against the glass, “Once I brew the storm, the city will be mine; every single part of the city will belong to me.”

A laugh escaped him. The very thought of the battle that will emerge once the storm began excited him. It was an Urban legend, but an Urban legend always had some sort of truth behind it. Nino, being Nino, wanted to do something that was exciting. Following the Legend of the Storm was beyond exciting – making it happen was going to be even more fulfilling.

“Everything will be mine.”

Nino's thoughts were silenced as he heard the beginning of the Doraemon theme song begin playing. He smiled, “And that would be her highness calling.”
He opened his phone and placed it next to his ear, “Jun-chan, did  you make up your mind?”

I'll help you.

“Oh really?”

Only because I'm interested in their identities myself. I'm not doing this because we've gotten on better terms. We're still on some pretty bad, horrible terms. This is only because I want to find it out myself.

“Right, right. Keep telling yourself that.” Nino smiled to himself. His right hand drifted into his pocket. He felt the switchblade he always carried – he'd started carrying a switchblade for a sort of protection when things got difficult. The line of work he was in wasn't exactly safe. A gun would have been too obvious, not to mention it wasn't exactly his style. The switchblade was small and usually went by unnoticed unless he happened to pull it out as his last option for negotiations.

I still don't fully trust you.”

“I deserve that.”

I know you're planning something. There's got to be an ulterior motive to this. I don't believe you just want to uncover their identities.” - A soft scoff escaped Nino. Jun was smart, very smart. He'd have to be more cautious than he originally was if he wanted to keep Jun out of the loop what exactly the Legend of the Storm was. “When I find out what you're doing and I find that I don't like, this temporary partnership is over.

“Of course, of course. Then, I shall see you later.” Nino hung up on Jun.
Nino shuffled a deck of cards in his hands. The first card he pulled out was the joker and threw it at ground. Then he poured the rest of the cards on the ground. He waltzed over to his chessboard. The queen still stood in the middle of the board. He placed three red checkers pieces in a triangle around the queen. Afterward, he scattered the rest of the pieces across the board.

“The pieces are in play,” He twirled the king piece in his hand, “When the King makes his move, it will be for the better of the kingdom.”


<<Well, we shall see how everything unfolds.>>
<<Until then, stay safe.>>

<<Tokujo has logged off.>>

[[Tokujo-san left quickly, didn't he?]]
{Probably had something to do.}
[[Well, I should head off too.]]
[[I've got an arrangement with friends soon.]]

[[Maou has logged off.]]

<And then there were three.>
[You make it sound as if we were going to be killed.]
<You never know with these times.>
<Someone could be right behind you!>
<Well, have fun you two.>

<Maiga has logged off.>

[Ne, Hana-san.]
[… if there are any other rumors that float by, please do share them.]
{Curiosity killed the cat, Haikei-san,}
{But Satisfaction brought him back.}
{You've learned quickly.}
{Information is what will give you the upper hand.}
{If I find anything of interest, I might just let you know.}

{Hana has logged off.}

[Information, huh?]
[That trump card will be mine.]

[Haikei has logged off.]
//Grey has logged on//

//The truth will be revealed.//
//When the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
//The truth will be revealed.//
//When the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
//The truth will be revealed.//
//When the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
//The truth will be revealed.//
//When the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
//The truth will be revealed.//
//When the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
//The truth will be revealed.//
//When the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
//The truth will be revealed.//
//When the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//

//Grey has logged off.//




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