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Storm 3/?

Title: Storm
Score 003: Flashback
Fandom: Arashi with possible mentions of others later on.
Pairing(s): None. There are some implications of Matsumiya.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I have no ownership of anything really except what I have receipts for … which isn't much, really.
Author's Note: A million and 3104 apologies. It took so long, I know. I'm very sorry for that. .___.;; Finals came about. I got swamped with last minute refreshers and what-not.
Summary: There's always something that ties people together – an unseen bond that connects strangers with one another. An explanation with a key to unlock the mystery. Perhaps, this isn't as confusing as it seems. The movement to unlock the mysteries has set sail. The fuel to the fire has been added. A truce has been called. The truth will be revealed.

A few years ago. A few years ago. A few years ago.

“No, it's fine. I'll be fine. No, no, no. You don't have to come over here, there's no need. No, I don't. No, I don't. I don't. I really don't. Okay, fine. I do miss you guys, but I'll be fine. I swear.” Jun rolled his eyes as his sister spoke on the phone. It was a strange dance he was doing – carrying boxes while trying to keep the phone in place. “Look, if you want to visit then come visit. I don't really care. No, I don't. No, I don't. I don't. I don't. Okay, I do care if you come visit.”

Today, he would finally finish hauling his belongings into the empty apartment. Unfortunately, he was behind schedule. His cellphone was constantly ringing – his mother and sister made sure to take turns in calling him every thirty minutes. For once in his life, Jun wished he never bought the wretch device.

The boxes were piled up in his arms as he walked towards his newly bought apartment. The sun's heat bore down on him as he tried to maintain his balance. Normally, Jun was well aware of his surroundings and what was going on around him – he'd been an informant for awhile, so he knew that he should maintain some sort of focus on what goes on behind the scenes. However, today, he was too busy making sure the stack of boxes in his arms were perfectly balanced.

Unfortunately for Jun, that focus on making sure the pile of boxes in his arms was not beneficial for the young man. As he walked down the path, he had not realized that there were three large mobs of people gathering around him. He didn't realize that there three gangs that paused because of him. He had not noticed that there was a man coming from behind him. He didn't know that that man was aiming to his head. When the man's wooden bat hit the back of Jun's head, it caught everyone around by surprise.

Those boxes that Jun had worked so hard to keep upright tumbled down onto the ground. Their contents spilled out and decorated the ground. Jun's hands were now on the back of his head. He pulled the back and gazed at the blood adorning his hands. He closed his eyes. He counted to ten. He took deep breaths. He tried all the anger prevention that his mother and sister taught him, but they weren't helping at the moment.

“You know,” Jun said turning to the man who hit him slowly. “When you aim for a person's head, your clearly aiming to kill the person. So, if you're trying to kill me, then I have all the right to fight back. If that's the case, then you can't complain on exactly what I'm going to do to you.”

The essence of violence escaped Jun. His eyes held a fury that could no longer be contained. When his anger filled his soul, it would pour out and run rampage into the reality. Normally, he could hold his anger down; normally, he could ensure that his anger wasn't going to escape into the world around him. This, however, was not a normal situation. No, this was beyond normal. He was moving into a new town. He was finally living on his own. He was moving his valuable pieces carefully. He walked right into the center of a gang fight without knowing it. He was hit right in the back of his head with a wooden bat and to top it off, the fancy china in those boxes were shattered.

“You're all going to regret that.”

A few years ago. A few years ago. A few years ago.

“Who was that?” Ohno breathed heavily as he leaned against a graffiti-ed wall. He was quickly ushered away from the fight by some of his members. Ohno, like the rest of the Elemental gang leaders, had hidden himself within the rankings – this was to ensure his safety and quick getaway had the their side started to lose the battle. “Whose side was that guy on?”

The members with Ohno stood beside him. Each one breathing heavily, catching one's breath isn't the easiest task after forcing your way out of a three-way gang fight. One of them looked up at Ohno, “I don't know. I've never seen him in Shinjuku.” - “It looked like he was just moving in.” - “Perhaps he's new in town.”

Ohno slid down the wall. He sat on the ground with legs stretched out. He breathed slowly, “If we had him in the Rain, we'd be able to destroy the Thunder and the Wind. You saw how quickly he beat down everyone?”

“Well, if I could suggest something, Captain?”

Ohno cracked his knuckles as he glanced up at his underling. “What do you suggest?”

“Lay low for now. Let's let the Rain fall into a quiet drizzle.”

“Go on hiatus?”

“We'll go quiet for awhile and you, Captain, can befriend that guy. Once you befriend him, you can --”

“I like your plan of going on hiatus. The Rain needs to clear for awhile.” Ohno stared at the skies, “The skies haven't fallen yet, so we'll let the Rain vanish for now. I'll befriend that monstrous civilian … but there is one thing I'm scared of.”


“If I walk in a world were the skies are clear, would I really want to feel the drops of Rain again?”

A few years ago. A few years ago. A few years ago.

“Sakurai-san, are you okay?”

Sho laid down across the platform in the Thunder's warehouse. He was bruised in various place – he considered himself lucky. A few people had surrounded him and quickly ushered him out of the battle. Sho was quickly brought into the Thunder's warehouse. A few people were standing by the entrance, ready to attack if someone unwanted arrived.

“I'll be fine. It's nothing to serious,” Sho managed to squeak out. It was painful, but he'd be fine. He knew he'd be fine because they pulled him away before any real damage flowed in his direction. “What about the others? What about them? Are they fine?”

“We're not sure of the current situation out there, sir. However, I think if we attack now, the other groups wou--”

“I don't want to attack the others at the moment,” Sho looked at his second in command. His second in command was Kenji Onishi – a close friend that followed every beck and call of Sho. Kenji had crawled his way from the bottom ranks to the position of second in command – within a matter of years, he showed that he had the most loyalty and the skills to handle being second in command. “We aren't going to attack right now. Not while that … monster is out there. Who was that guy?”

“Sakurai-san,” Kenji looked at Sho with confusion. “You said you wanted the Thunder to come out on top. You said you wanted the Thunder to be the Kings of Shinjuku, why are we stopping?”

“That civilian. That civilian that walked into the fight, who was it?” Sho bit his lip. The scene of a single man beating down armies built up for years flashed within Sho. He wasn't sure exactly what had happen. “Kenji, do you think we can find anything about him? He'd make a great addition to the Thunder.”

Jealousy fell into Kenji's eyes as he watched the look of curiosity towards the other man in Sho's eyes. How was it possible that that civilian got Sho's attention in a matter of seconds when Kenji could never get that sort of attention no matter how hard he tried? How was it that Sho never had that twinkle in his eye when referring to Kenji?

“Kenji, do you think you coul--”

“No, I will not do research on that civilian.”

Sho's brows furrowed. “Kenji, what's gotten into you?”

“Sakurai-san, we can destroy the other groups right now. Why don't we just attack them now? It's not that --”

“That's not what's important right now. What's important is that we find out anything we can about that gu--”

“Why are you interested in him so badly?” Kenji, unbeknownst to Sho, had only joined the Thunder because of the fondness that he had for his leader. It wasn't a normal fondness. It was beyond a like and more of a love. Kenji never mentioned it to Sho. Instead, he hoped that the other man would catch on but it hadn't happened. “You don't need him in Thunder. I can help you out. I'm good enough to handle ever--”

“That's not what I intended to express.”

“Sakurai-san, I have worked so hard to help the Thunder. Why would you need someone who you don't even know? Am I not strong enough to be the second in command?” Kenji was upset. He knew he shouldn't have been but when the man you are in love with expresses interest in someone else, logic tends to run away. “If you show interest in that man any further, I will leave the group.”
“Kenji, why are you making this a bigger deal than it is?”

“Do you even know why I'm angry? Because for a leader, you don't notice what's in front of you.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”

Kenji stood up and glared at Sho, “I'm talking about how I've been in love with you for so many years yet you never noticed. I'm sick of it. I'm completely sick of it. In fact, I'm so sick of it, I'm leaving forever.”

Sho stood in shock and confusion. Kenji had only done everything in his power to help the Thunder because he loved Sho? What? Why did he decide to reveal it now? What good would it do now? Sho felt himself get annoyed at this situation. It was ridiculous and completely unneeded. They were in the middle of a war and this emotional whirlwind of Kenji's wasn't helping at all.

“Kenji, let's deal with this later. Right now we need to make sure that everyone in the group is still a--”

“So, that's how it is? Well, Sakurai-san,” Kenji glared at Sho. He walked to the entrance of the warehouse, “I can no longer be second in command. You don't care about my feelings. Perhaps if I quit, I can make you fall in love with me. Next time you see me, I'll be different.”

Sho watched as Kenji walked out. He was going to let the other man walk away for good but it hit him. There was a war going on outside. The other gangs knew that Kenji was the second in command. Kenji was going to get hurt. Sho ran to the door of the warehouse and peered outside, “Kenji? Kenji! Wait.”
Kenji was gone.

Sho cursed under his breath, “Forget it. If he wants to leave, he can leave. I don't care.” Sho returned to the warehouse. He sat down in his seat above everyone else. He looked at the people within there, “Listen, Kenji's no longer a member of the Thunder. Have nothing to do with him. Got it?”

A few years ago. A few years ago. A few years ago.

The leader of the Wind stood upon a building overlooking the battle below. There were still several fights going on the city. The wind rushed through the city as he watched the police spread. When the sunset hit the skies, he knew the members of the Wind would settle into a quiet breeze. He had given them the order that as soon as sunset came, they would stop fighting and find safety.

He picked up his phone and began typing his mass-text message, 'Sunset arrives. Fall aside. Find safety. When night falls, find me information on that civilian.'

The Wind's leader put the phone back into his pocket after he sent the message. He put the black motorcycle helmet back on and latched himself onto his motorcycle. He turned the engine on. The engine's roar echoed as he kicked off and rode down the side of the building and into the city streets.

The Wind's leader was rarely seen without his motorcycle and helmet. In fact, no one really knew what the leader of the Wind's face looked like. None of the members ever questioned their leader, however. Whenever any of them were in a fight that they couldn't win, their leader would rescue them from the situation. A bird would fly from the area they were at and a few moments later, their leader would arrive to save them. He never spoke to them and quickly left after he save them. He only communicated through text messages. When he sent a text message, the members would all heed the words written on there.

As the leader rode through the city, he made sure to stop when he'd see a member of his group being over taken by force of the others. Swift, fast and powerful – he would hand the situation and rush past them to find the next member who needed help.

“Bring it on, you bastards!” The Wind's leader overheard the civilian fighting again. He was getting surrounded by multiple members of the Rain and the Thunder. The leader of Wind had seen the civilian's strength and knew he shouldn't have worried, but he saw the weapons they carried.

The sound of his motorcycle growled as he pushed through the crowd surrounding the civilian. He beat down the ones surrounding the civilian. Having weapons didn't really matter when a motorcycle traveling at 90 kilometers an hour was heading towards you. He stopped the motorcycle in front of the civilian.

“What are you going to fight me too?” The civilian brought his fists up and glared at the Wind's leader.

The Wind's leader shook his head. He took out his phone and typed his response, 'No. Why would I do that?'

“It seems like everyone's fighting me for no reason. I'm used to it, but to have that happen when I just moved here is pretty weird.”

'It's not usually like that. You moved when the war was starting.'


'Elemental war. The Rain, the Thunder and the Wind's war. I'm the leader of the Wind.'

“I'm Jun Matsumoto – call me Matsujun.”

'Matsujun, right.'

“I'll see you around then. I need to find me some new plates and stuff. Thanks to the guy that hit me, all my stuff managed to get smashed.” The Wind's leader watched as Matsujun walked away. Jun paused and stared at the leader, “I'm not going to find out your identity, huh?”

The Wind's leader shook his head.

“Good, keep it that way.”

A few years ago. A few years ago. A few years ago.

Kenji laid in the middle of an alley. His mind was blank as the pain rushed throughout his body. The fact that he was the second in command caused him to get ambushed by the other groups. No one came to help him as he laid there. He closed his eyes as thoughts rushed in – regret, frustration, annoyance.

“Sakurai-san will love me. He'll love me, he will. I'll make him love me,” Kenji vowed as he laid there. He stared up at the sky. His stare turned into a glare - “I'll make him love me even if I have change my entire appearance.”

A few years ago. A few years ago. A few years ago.


<Maiga has entered the chat room>
[Haikei has entered the chat room]
{Hana has entered the chat room}
<<Tokujo has entered the chat room>>
[[Maou has entered the chat room]]

{Say, have you guys heard of the Onishi blade?}
[Can't say I have.]
<<Is this another one of your urban legends, Hana-san?>>
<<You seem to really like those rumors and tales.>>
{And why not?}
{They're interesting.}
[[What's the Onishi blade?]]
{Just something handed down through the Onishi family.}
{But I heard it stopped awhile ago.}
{It's kind of lost now.}
<<Not exactly.>>
<<More like someone's wielding it and no one knows who it is.>>
{Oh, Tokujo-san, you seem to like these sorts of things as well.}
<<Not exactly.>>
[But what about the blade?]
[What is so important about it?]
{Legend has it, it's cursed.}
{But, it hasn't been seen in awhile.}
{I wonder who has it now.}


When Sho entered the office of the man who rescued his sister, he felt a wave of uneasiness rush over him. He didn't know what to expect from a man who saved his sister from a bunch of thugs. From what his sister told him, the guy was very good-looking and really good with words; from what Aiba told him, the guy was short, smarmy and unbelievably good at manipulation. However, from what Sho could gather, the man seemed to be calm and very well grounded … but he hadn't spoken to the guy yet, so he would wait before deciding on appearances.

“Take a seat,” the man instructed Sho as he took as seat on the black sofas that lined the coffee table, “Don't worry, the seats aren't bugged or anything, I swear it on my good name.”

Sho quickly nodded and took a seat. He watched as the man poured tea for both of them – it was Jasmine tea according to the man.

“Um, I'm Sho Sakurai. I wanted to thank you for saving my sister the other day,” Sho quickly bowed to the man, “If there's any way I can repay you, Mister …?”

“Ninomiya. My name's Kazunari Ninomiya,” he smirked. “Call me Nino, it's better if you do. Don't want to get me mixed up with my parents, you know. They'd hate it if their reputations are tainted with my own personal score.”

“Nino, then.” Sho froze. Nino? Was this the same Nino that Matsujun had been chasing around town recently? Was this the same Nino that had managed to send rumors running about himself in a matter hours after he arrived in the city? Was this the same Nino that began the death matches with Matsujun throughout the city? Was it? Could it be?

“If you're curious, and I'm sure you are,” Nino's eyes twinkled with devious excitement, “I am the Nino that Jun-chan's been happily chasing through the streets. Sorry about the chaos it's causing with the town folk, I can't really contain Jun-chan.”

Sho nodded slowly – he'd never heard anyone call Matsujun 'Jun-chan' and still live. This guy was definitely something else. An air of devious excitement with a hint of arrogance in his voice, but his eyes were always twinkling as if he knew something the other hadn't – this guy was dangerous.

“I owe you for saving my younger sister from those thu--”

“Think nothing of it. If you need to thank someone, thank Aiba. I was merely just acting in accordance to what he intended to do,” Nino smiled at Sho as if he knew something that the other didn't. That smile wasn't a smile for something small, it was one of those smiles as if he knew something that would shatter what Sho already knew. “Those thugs, however, weren't just attempting a random kidnapping.”

“And you know this because?”

“I'm an informant, Mr. Sakurai. It's my business to be well informed about everything that goes on in the vicinity I happen to be residing in,” Nino rolled his eyes. “Really, is it that difficult to comprehend?”

“Alright, so you're thinking that this information is relevant to me?”

“Well, you'd be surprised at how relevant to you it is.”

Sho scowled. This guy was irritating, but he was good at manipulation. Something in the back of his mind told him not to take the bait this guy was shelling out, but it was irritating not knowing what this guy was talking about. That know it all smile was unnerving. “Well, what is it?”

Nino shook his head as he laughed at Sho, “The disappearances are kidnappings. These kidnappings are being paid for by a cosmetic company and do you know what the name of this cosmetic company is, Mr. Sakurai?”

Sho shook his head. Why couldn't this guy just tell him instead of pulling his chain like this?

“The name of this cosmetic company, which I'm sure will bring a familiar inkling into your mind, is the Onishi Cosmetic company.” Nino smiled, “If I did my research correctly, and I know I did, you had a friend with the similar namesake. Am I correct or mistaken?”

Onishi – Sho bit his lip at the mention of the name. Could it be a form of revenge? … as far as Sho knew, Kenji Onishi had been excommunicated from his family. He hadn't heard any news of Kenji since their fight on that fated day Matsujun moved into Shinjuku. Why would Kenji even bother to do something like that? Would Kenji even attempt to do something like that?

Better question: Why was this guy looking into his past?

“You're correct,” Sho said eying the man curiously. “However, I am curious as to why you're looking into my past. It doesn't exactly have anything of any real interest, I'm sure of it.”

“Oh, but you're mistaken, Mr. Sakurai.” Nino's eyes glimmered with excited mystery, “There's a lot of noise in your history that you fail to bring about in reality … or perhaps, I should put it this way, there's a lot of Thunder masking your two realities.”

Sho's eyes narrowed. Did this man know his true identity? How could this guy even figure it out? No one had solved this, not yet anyway. No wonder Matsujun hated this guy. He was good at figuring out exactly how to have someone on pins and needles. “I don't understand what you're talking about. Perhaps, you're mistaken.”

“Ah, ever the actor. However, it isn't going to be me who's going to have a difficult time figuring out what to do when things go haywire,” Nino walked over to the chair behind his computer desk. He sat down and spun around. He stopped to face Sho, “When people hold two version of one truth, things tend to get messy.”

Sho stood up and bowed. It was time to take his leave. He was certain that if he didn't, he would have pummeled this guy right now, “I should be taking my leave. I suppose I shall be seeing you around.”

“Before you go,” Nino held his hand out, “Three-hundred thousand yen, please.”


“You didn't think that piece of information was free, did you?” Nino laughed, “The fact that the Onishi Cosmetics is using thugs and paying them for kidnapping women is something that not even the police have figured out. It's not something that's free, Mr. Sakurai. I would very much like you to pay me that money soon – selling information is my business trade, after all.”


<<Though, I highly doubt that's what we should be worrying about.>>
{Are you referring to the leader of the Wind?}
{He's started showing up more often, hasn't he?}
<You mean like everywhere?>
{Well, yeah.}
{He shows up whenever his members are in trouble.}
<<Which translates to very often.>>
<<The Rain's been attacking people now.>>
[Wait, why?]
<<The Rain attacks?>>
{Some say it's because when he left, the group changed.}
<<All the groups changed, if you ask me.>>
<The leaders probably having a tough time controlling them all, huh?>
[[That's probably the case.]]
[[But the Wind's leader, what about him?]]
{The Wind hasn't moved.}
<<Even more shockingly, according to the web, their leader told them not to fight back.>>
<<To remain peaceful.>>
[That's weird.]
<To hold firm?>
<Or to find more info first?>
{But the members of the Wind don't have to worry about getting hurt.}
{Every time one of them is getting attacked, their leader comes.}
{They say a soft chirping of a bird, or a whispered purr of a cat, or the howl of a dog is heard when the members are in trouble.}
{Within seconds of hearing it, the leader dressed in full black on a dark motorcycle with no headlights appears.}
<What is he, some sort of urban legend?>


Ohno hadn't wanted to get involved in fighting, at least not yet. He knew that it would happen, but he wanted to avoid it to the best of his ability. However, the situation turned around and it required a fight. The Slasher that Jun had beat up had been held within the strongholds of the Rain's base … until a few minutes ago. A group of punks who claimed to be part of the Wind had retrieved him – was the Slasher part of the Wind?

“Don't let them escape!” Ohno shouted as he picked up the speed of his run. He flew over the pile of iron rods and tackled the guy carrying the Slasher down. He hoisted himself over the man and punched him. The sensation felt new to Ohno – it had been awhile since he'd fought anyone, so it felt weird to feel contact like that.

The rest of Ohno's members quickly captured the others who were with the man that Ohno beat up. They quickly tied them down and formed a circle around the group. Ohno stared at them – he didn't know what exactly he wanted to do or what exactly they wanted with the Slasher. Ohno had originally wanted to hold the Slasher and question him, but the Wind's members came and interfered.

“What did you guys have planned?” Ohno squatted in front of the man he had tackled earlier, “What were you guys doing here?”

No answer.

“Hmm,” Ohno stood back up. He didn't want to hurt them, but seeing as they wouldn't respond … that might be the only method now. He beckoned one of his men, “Bring them to the warehouse, I'll deal with them there. It wouldn't be wise to do anything to them in the ope--”

A bird's chirp carried over the air. The soft growl of a kitten's purr. A dog's howling rang in the distance.

Ohno's eyes tore to the top of a nearby building where the roar of a dark motorcycle filled the air. He squinted his eyes at the figure – a man dressed in black leather with a black helmet on a dark motorcycle. Ohno's eyes opened widely, he knew exactly who it was – the leader of the Wind had finally showed himself in front of Ohno.

The motorcycle roared angrily as it was ridden down the side of the building and towards Ohno. The leader of the Wind took out half of Ohno's men before stopping right in front of him. As the dust settled, Ohno found himself staring into the dark helmet of the leader of the Wind.

Ohno swung a fist but missed as the leader of the Wind dodged it. Ohno threw another punch, but the leader of the Wind caught it with one hand. With another hand, the leader of the Wind pulled out a phone. He quickly typed something on it and showed it to Ohno – 'I don't want to fight with you. I'm only here to pick up my fallen members.'

Ohno lowered his fists, “Why were your men after the Slasher?”

The leader of the Wind nodded and keyed in his sentence, 'He's not the Slasher. He was one of the slashed victims.'

Ohno raised a hand to tell his men to stop. They had been edging closer and closer since the leader of the Wind arrived. “What do you mean?”

'When someone is slashed by the Slasher, they are taken over. They become mindless and do what the Slasher commands.' He lowered his phone and deleted the message. He keyed in another one and held it up to Ohno, 'I'm still searching for the original Slasher.'

“Wait, that can't be. He's the Slasher. Matsujun and I met with him at night and he--”

'That wasn't the only Slasher. Do you really think one person can cause multiple hits in one night?'

“So it's a group?”

'I think so.'

“Can we call a truce?”

'I'm guessing someone you know was affected. We can work out a truce for now.'



<<But in the end, Hana-san, it's all just rumors.>>
<<You shouldn't trust them so willingly.>>
{Ah, but that's the fun.}
{If you find a rumor, you can follow it full course.}
{And you can uncover the hidden mysteries within in.}
{A treasure hunt of sorts.}


Jun wasn't comfortable entering Nino's apartment. In fact, he was completely two minds about it. One hand, he could properly discuss the information that he had receive but on the other hand, it was Nino. That very fact that it was Nino was a looming worry. He never trusted that brat and he never will.

“Ah, Jun-chan,” Nino smiled as he sat down on the sofa. He patted on the spot next to him, “Go ahead, take a seat. It seems like you have something that you want to discuss with me.”

Jun took the seat on the sofa across from Nino – he couldn't help but be cautious around the older man. “Right,” Jun unzipped the bag he carried with him and procured a folder from it. He opened the folder and spread the pages open to a map of the city with various markings, “This is from the research I did when I first moved into Shinjuku. The apartment I currently live in is in the center of their territories – the War they had a few years back revolved around there.”

Nino smirked. He was right in asking Jun for the favor. This was more than he actually expected. Jun had more knowledge than he had given him credit for. “So they're close to your area.”

“Their bases are close to that area.” Jun pointed at the area of the map shaded in red, “That's were the members of the Thunder are usually lurking.” Then his finger skimmed to the area in blue, “The Rain usually wanders in this area.” Then he circled the area in green with his finger, “And that's where the Wind is.”

“Interesting. So, I'm in the middle of the Thunder's territory?”

“Hypothetically, yes. However, this is just all circumstantial evidence from the fights they've picked with me through the years,” Jun leaned back in his seat, “There are a few particular individuals that I have reason to believe hold an important role in unlocking the identities of these gang leaders.”

“I've found a few pieces of information here and there as well – rumors do bring about interesting pieces to the board.”

Jun rolled his eyes. He wasn't one for relying on rumors without facts. If he'd hear a rumor that he found interesting, he'd search for facts revolving around it. It always did bother him if there wasn't something concrete to tie to the statements. “Besides that, I have found certain people who were originally part of these gangs. Perhaps if I find them, I can get them to tell the identities. Though, I doubt it'll work. Bonds of trust are the hardest to break.”

“Unless one is betrayed by the latter.”

“And you of all people would know exactly how that works, right?”

Nino put a hand to his chest and pouted in mock sadness. “You break my heart, Jun-chan.”

“Stop calling me that.”

“Why not? It suits you well, Jun-chan.”

“I'm warning you, Nino.” Jun glared at the older man. He counted to ten silently – a fight wouldn't be helpful at the moment. “Continue with that and I'm withdrawing from helping you any further.”
“Why don't you call me Kazu like you used to anymore?”

Jun rolled his eyes at Nino, “Do I really need to explain?”

Nino crossed his legs and leaned back in his seat. He stared at the ceiling for a moment before returning his gaze to the younger man, “What can I do to gain your forgiveness?”

“Ah, but death seems like too big of an adventure for me right now.” Nino smiled at Jun, “I'd rather not do that.”

“We all need to make sacrifices for others.”

“Can I make a different one, then?” Nino smiled at Jun again. He nodded to signal that he was done with this conversation and returned to overlooking the map. “Hmm, that's weird. The Onishi Cosmetic company is in the middle of the Thunder's territory.”

“Why is that weird?”

“Have you ever heard of the Onishi blade?” Nino looked at Jun curiously. He continued his explanation when Jun shook his head. “It's a cursed blade passed down from generation to generation in the Onishi family. Its said to give its wielder the ability to control whomever he slashed. I think it has something to do with the Slasher, but the name Oni-”

It hit Jun. He knew what Nino was hinting at –  “Kenji Onishi, the second in command for the Thunder.”
“So that was his name.”

“The thing is, Nino, Kenji Onishi vanished from the radar. He was jumped during the war and was never seen again.”

“Or maybe we're not looking hard enough.”


[Have the slashings really ended?]
<They should have.>
<Matsujun beat up the Slasher, right?>
{I thought so.}
{But the Slashings have gotten worse.}
[[The kidnappings too.]]
[[Well, the kidnappings aren't as frequent as the slashings.]]
<<Think they're connected?>>
{It just seems like it.}
{I think the slashings are actually preventing some of the kidnappings from happening.}
[So you're fine with it?]
[How can you be fine with it?]
{I never said that.}
<<Either way, these things are getting worse.>>
<What should we do?>
{Watch your back.}

//Grey has entered the chat-room.//

{He's arrived!}
//The truth will be revealed.//
//Once the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
//The truth will be revealed.//
//Once the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
//The truth will be revealed.//
//Once the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
[I thought we blocked him.]
<<He keeps changing the ip address.>>
<<You block him from one and he shows up with a different one.>>
//The truth will be revealed.//
//Once the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
//The truth will be revealed.//
//Once the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
[[He only shows up when an incident will occur right?]]
//The truth will be revealed.//
//Once the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
{Good point.}
{Who's the victim this time?}
//The truth will be revealed.//
//Once the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
//The truth will be revealed.//
//Once the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
//The truth will be revealed.//
//Once the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
<<We should trace back his ip.>>
//The truth will be revealed.//
//Once the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
<<I'll try it.>>
//The truth will be revealed.//
//Once the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//
//The truth will be revealed.//
//Once the truth is revealed, everything will seem like a lie.//

//Grey has logged off.//

<<Damn it.>>
<<Right before I managed to do anything.>>
{Who's the victim tonight?}


Aiba sighed happily as he stood up from the bench. The sound of the birds chirping happily was nice to hear – he'd been hearing their sad songs lately. He stretched his arms in the air and yawned, “I guess it's about time to go home. It's already dark after all.”

His footsteps were light as he skipped down the streets towards his house. The skipping stopped as his ears picked up footsteps trailing him. His hand went into his pocket and he clutched his cellphone. Someone was following him. He pulled out his phone and clutched it tightly.

“Damn it.”


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